Mr. Nhlanhla Ngubane

Mr. Nhlanhla Ngubane
Acting Chairperson: PSiRA

Humphrey Nhlanhla Ngubane has been exposed to organizational development for over 25 years in public and private sector thus amassing valuable experience. He has been working closely with the transformation process in the political landscape of South Africa since early 1990s. He was the founder member of the South African Democratic Teachers Union and became its first Chairperson in KwaZulu Natal in 1991. He sat in the COSATU Central Executive Committee in 1991-1994. He then joined the first Minister of Education in a democratic South Africa, Professor Bhengu as his Chief of Staff. When multilateral agencies welcomed back South Africa to its ranks, he was seconded to work as Project Officer (Social Development) with United Nations Children’s’ Fund (Unicef) in the Eastern and Southern African. He ventured into the private sector joining an international publishing company Heinemann Publishers as a Publishing Director. In this role he continued to demonstrate his leadership capabilities as he was nominated by the publishing industry to a role of being the Chairperson of the Publishing Industry South Africa PASA) a role that demanded interaction with the international role players. He is schooled up to postgraduate education (Master’s level) and studied social subjects in his under-graduate degree which have equipped him in mastering the ability to deal with issues of cultural diversity and to work with complex institutional and organizational settings. As part of the team and at times, being a team leader in various donor and development agencies, and through field work here at home and also in many African states and also in Asia, he has acquired broad experience in project and programme planning, implementation and evaluation, administration, organizational issues and training activities in educational and social sector projects.



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