Unifying your Security Force

Unifying your Security Force

Unifying your Security Force

Security is more than just a well-trained force: teamwork is part and parcel of what makes great security groups great! Teamwork builds trust, promotes a strong work ethic and encourages members to work together! These qualities are crucial for an industry as risk-filled as that of security provision. That’s why it is essential to manage your security force mindfully in order to create a cohesive and unified security team. Here are some of the ways that Security Firms can manage and encourage strong teams within the security industry.

  1. Cultivate a spirit of comradery

Members of security forces need to protect one another- whether involved in residential security, reaction services, cash-in-transit protection, bodyguards or private investigation, it’s essential that all members can trust in one another! Encourage positive interactions and accomplishments within your force to build group bonds.

  1. Set goals

Sharing in a common goal can unite your security force and encourage a group-centred mentality. Common goals encourage compliance, group unity and accountability- ensuring that your security team operates cohesively and collectively.

  1. Celebrate victories as a team

When team members or the team performs well, it’s important to recognise it. Reward members who have completed new training, or performed well during their duties as this will encourage other members to work harder and strategise their thinking.

Teamwork can be hugely beneficial in encouraging members to engage with Security Force leaders in seeking compliance and promoting compliance within the company and the security industry. In South Africa, the private security industry is regulated by:

  • The Private Security Industry Regulatory (PSIRA) act
  • The sectoral determination, number 6, issued in terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

Non-compliance poses severe threats to the security officers on your site, as they are poorly trained, underpaid and unable to perform their duties properly. Non-compliance carries the risk of financial penalties or jail time for consumers who contravene the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority.

The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) was established in 2002 as a regulatory body for the private security industry. PSiRA’s mission is to protect the constitutional rights of all people to life, safety and dignity through the effective promotion and regulation of the private security industry.

The first ever event focused on compliance within the private security industry; the Private Security Indaba will be taking place from the 3rd to the 4th of July, 2019 at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg. To book a ticket, please contact rsvp@securityindaba.co.za

Private Security Indaba 2019
PSiRA has invited captains of industry, researchers and Government entities from First World countries and on the African diaspora to talk challenges bewildering the industry, global trends and sharing innovative ways of doing business in this animated field.

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