Cybersecurity and Modern Private Security In conversation with a Microsoft director

Cybersecurity and Modern Private Security In conversation with a Microsoft director

Cybersecurity and Modern Private Security In conversation with a Microsoft director

Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a threat in modern society. As cell phones, tablets, personal computers and more have grown increasingly popular and users have become more savvy with the technology, so also has the threat of cybersecurity become ever more ominous and pervasive. Phishing scams, hacking, spying and illegal data processing are some of the threats faced by individuals and organisations.

The Private Security Indaba aims to address some of the threats and opportunities faced by private security firms in the realm of cyber safety.  Ahead of the first ever Private Security Indaba event, we spoke to Siyabonga Madyibi, Microsoft SA’s director for legal and corporate affairs.  Mr Madyibi will be attending the indaba and proffered his expert opinion on cybersecurity and its relationship with the private security industry.  Here are some of the highlights of the discussion.

Q: Can you give us a hint as to some of the topics you will be discussing during the Private Security Indaba?

A: One of the big benefits of the Private Security Indaba is that it brings together in one room different experts in various fields within cybersecurity so you have people that can talk to global trends around security and cybersecurity, what governments are doing, what private sector are doing and what individuals and communities should be doing. Because the growing trend that we’re seeing is that emerging markets are still lagging behind when it comes to doing online platforms.  The reason for that goes primarily down to trust. People still don’t  trust online platforms for various reasons and I think what the Security Indaba is going to be doing is to talk to the soft tissues around trust. What can people do going forward to ensure that they access online platforms securely,  and what sort of trust do we as service providers give people? The assurance that once they are on  online platforms, that their  information will be protected and will be used in accordance with the requirements that they intended it to be used for.

Q: How does private security compliance intersect with cyber issues?

A: I think the first one is ensuring that local laws are benchmarked against international standards, because you cannot regulate cybersecurity based on private security laws that are only enacted for the benefit of South Africa. Those have to be benchmarked and ensure that they  talk to the global standard.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at the Private Security Indaba?

A: Naturally the networking part! I’m very excited about the fact that the minister of police is now confirmed as an attendant. I think interacting with government at the most senior level around cybersecurity issues will be a big benefit and that is something I’m looking forward to. Of course interacting with industry colleagues and industry experts talking about cybersecurity is a big plus for me!

To view the full interview with Mr Madyibi, please click here.

The Private Security Indaba will be taking place from the 3rd to the 4th of July at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg. For more information and to rsvp, please contact Siziwe Zuma at 079 519 2688 or email

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